Saturday, February 15, 2014


The blog is called 4GWDOTDOTDOT.  The term 4GW refers to Fourth Generation Warfare.  The term DOTDOTDOT refers to connecting the dots.  Prior to this blog, I wrote at the defunct politicalchili website.  That website was destroyed by perpetrators unknown, though I had written at least a dozen articles on Ron Paul and the Tea Party movement that were not flattering.  Though not flattering, everything I wrote was documented and sourced with footnotes.  I will continue that practice here.  I am currently writing a book with the tentative title The Christian Right's Fourth Generation Warfare in America.  Actually, I have written so much that I will divide the three parts into three books.  I am a former civilian strategic intelligence analyst with the Department of the Army's Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center (ITAC).  I am a former civilian senior intelligence analyst with the U.S. European Command's Joint Analysis Center.  I hold a PhD from Stanford University.  As I am trying to finish Book II and revise and update Book III, posting here will be slow and/or delayed.  Book III was actually previously published at  It needs updating and editing.

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